visual dhikr

My most recent series is a visual form of dhikr.  Dhikr is a form of meditative contemplation used to reflect on the qualities of the Divine, by reciting one of 99 names 99 times.  With focus and attention, the recitation of these mantras slowly pull you into a deep trance.

ar-rahman. acrylic on canvas, 2019.

The word in this painting is  رحمن , or rahman, which means compassion.  Specifically, rahman refers to the compassion that exists between a mother and her child. It comes from the Semetic root R-H-M which refers to the womb.  The idea being that the ultimate relationship between the human and divine can be found in the creation of new life.

a rainbow of meditations

this practice blossomed into a whole series. from left to right:

1. O beloved

2. The merciful

3. The light

4. The maker

5. Peace

6. Crown: the king

7. Crown: the queen

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